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Hydropower Engineering Systems


Hydropower Engineering Systems is engaged in the design and manufacturing of test facilities, Test rigs, material handling equipment such as hydraulic and pneumatically operated lift platforms, conveyors, belt loaders and hydraulic power packs and cylinders. Our activity also includes design and manufacture of de-coiling machines, press feeders, hydraulic presses, stainless steel power packs, servo hydraulic systems, servo actuators. Besides, we also undertake specialized design and development work, reconditioning and servicing of hydraulic oriented machinery & systems, erection & commission, consultancy and manufacturing of special purpose machines. The company is backed by skilled and experienced workmen with manufacturing facility in Bangalore and is well supported by machinery suitable for carrying out the entire above task. As a matter of our company policy, specialized work is out sourced to be cost effective and to get the best out of the skill and infrastructure available in the company. The company has earned recognition from well satisfied clientele ranging from corporate houses to small and medium sized companies for its technical competency, cost effectiveness and prompt service. Our Philosophy: We at ‘Hydropower Engineering Systems’ are committed to customer satisfaction through quality, cost effectiveness value for money, prompt and efficient service.

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Pipe Swaging Machine
Pipe Swaging Machine INR 0 INR 0 The purpose of Swaging machine is to achieve reduction in diameter of the Pipe or Solid rod compared to the original size to a desired length. Our Swaging Machine depicted in the picture is a linear Swaging Machine which is based on cold forming process. This can be used for swaging both solid rods, as well as pipes. The machine is hydraulically operated. The advantage of this machine being considerable reduction in raw material wastage, high productivity, no stress concentration, low noise and low temperature process. The machine is controlled by PLC. Swaging length can be infinitely set by the operator via MMI. This is a sturdy and smooth machine. True 1510730059
De-Coiling cum Straightening Machine
De-Coiling cum Straightening Machine INR 0 INR 0 De coiling machines serve as press feeding equipment. Sheet metal in the form of large coils from rolling mills are loaded on de-coilers which uncoil the roll and consistently , continuously and accurately feed the press with sheet metal, Thus enabling high productivity with low manpower utilization and minimum material wastage. De-coiling machines are inevitable equipment for high productivity press industry such as automobile component manufacturers. De-coiling machines produced by hydropower are totally indigenous, reliable , cost effective and comparable with similar imported machines. True 1510730131
Hydraulic Press
Hydraulic Press INR 0 INR 0 Hydraulic Press is a machine in which a large force is exerted on the larger of two pistons in a pair of hydraulically coupled cylinders by means of a relatively small force applied to the smaller piston. They display superior performance through innovative ideas. The hydraulic presses range from 5 Tons to 5000 Tons capacity. Hydraulic press of Hydropower is the result of constant R & D, backed by more than two decades of experience in Electro-hydraulics. The experience we've obtained as well as our customers input has been the basis for the improvement we do in our hydraulic presses. Right from a simple half tonne capacity bench press to 2,000 tonnes capacity high-speed electro-hydraulic trimming press, our company has developed technology and capacity to manufacture complicated automatic/semi automatic hydraulic press. These are suitable for various applications including sheet metal working, power metallurgy and for forging industry. True 1510730173
Hydraulic LFI Moulding Press
Hydraulic LFI Moulding Press INR 0 INR 0 Hydraulic LFI Moulding Press Hydropower hydraulic LFI moulding press is quality designed and manufactured for dependability and performance in the application. This is a tilting press with up and down movement with the clamping force upto 150T and stroke of 500mm. Specification: Type of Material : PU with Fibre Composites ( Reinforced with glass fibre - 20 to 40%) Max. Mould Size : 1500x1300x300 mm Part Thickness : 3 to 25 mmm Tonnage : 150 Ton Max. power consumption : 10 HP True 1510730250
P. U. Foam Moulding Fixture
P. U. Foam Moulding Fixture INR 0 INR 0 This is an equipment meant for moulding of automobile seat cushions ( Both 2 wheeler and 4 wheelers). This equipment can be operated hydraulically or pneumatically. The fixture houses 2 halves of moulding dies, which are held together by clamping cylinders. This is a single cycle automatic machine. Specification: Max. Clamping force : 8000 Kg. Max. foam size : 1000mm x 1500mm x 300mm Max. power consumption : 2 HP True 1510730298
Hydraulic Powerpack
Hydraulic Powerpack INR 0 INR 0 Hydraulic power pack offers capacities, control options & configurations for virtually any application requirement. A wide variety of manifold options and choice of pumps enables customer to match any application requirement with a hydraulic power pack that, meets his system, at the same time ensuring cost effective operation and optimum productivity. Hydropower hydraulic power pack includes hydraulic components selected from the world wide range and put together with high technology systems and the systems are designed with modular concept using the components having international mounting for ease of production, Installation and servicing. Special attention is paid for minimizing the noise level and other safety aspects. Pumps and electric motors are horizontally mounted assuring coupling alignment and easy maintenance. Hydropower Hydraulic Power Packs are engineered for continuous 24 hour per day operation and are built to withstand harsh, hostile environments. Feature like load sensing, automatic torque limiting, infinitely adjustable delivery, delay time adjustment, controlled acceleration/deceleration and Auto set pressure switch circuit are common in our system True 1510730358
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